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 cole shein not finished

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PostSubject: cole shein not finished   30th May 2010, 11:40

Name: Cole Shein
Gender: Male
Age: 10
Birthday: 4-13

Clan: Shein
Village: Konoha
Rank: Genin
Group/Job: Hunter-Nin in training


he is not talkative but not quit either hell talk and carry on a conversation or he will just be quit. it all depends on how the need arises. he does not take things people say to serious because him not knowing who is parents are has allowed people an opening to pick on him. so he does not let it bother him instead he uses as motivation to show them that he is stronger then they all give him credit for. he is very smart able to plan out moves in the middle of sparing, so his sensei says after every match he has but he just says that its because of his doujutsu.
he is kinda lacking in self conciseness but he keeps trying so that he can show people just how strong he can be. he started to smoke one day because he was very angry and another shinobi told him that it would calm him down so he took it but know he has became addicted to it. but he don't let it slow his training down or affect him as long as he has one every few hours. he has even bean known to fight with a cigarette in his mouth. to get in his opponents head he says but really just because he really wanted one.

cigarettes save peoples life's, with out them i would have killed you already.
Signature Jutsu
Illusionary Imitation

Clan Information
working on getting approved
Clan name: shein
Kekkei Genkai: (Ranmaru's kekkei genkai) Ranmaru has a doujutsu kekkei genkai ability similar to the Byakugan. It includes penetrating vision, disrupting eye-based kekkei genkai, and a unique chakra particle extension. He had the ability to use his vision abilities to penetrate the walls of his small shack and view the outside world and perform genjutsu that can fool even the Byakugan. This ability does not appear to have the range of the Byakugan, but it actually has the ability to counter that Hyuga trait. Ranmaru's vision is also able to locate and track others by sensing chakra, pick up chakra from long distances, and notice changes in an individual's chakra. It is also able to sense how many of them are present.

Ranmaru's vision has heightened perception and analytical powers not unlike the Sharingan, meaning Ranmaru can comprehend any details he sees to predict the opponent's next move. This ability contributed mainly to Raiga being so formidable in battle and becoming one of the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist. He can also see one's life force, allowing him to determine that Raiga, who had recently fallen in battle, was still alive,and he was able to transfer part of his own life force to Raiga. When activated, Ranmaru's eyes momentarily glow red.
Clan symbol:
[Optional. Is there a symbol or picture that represents your clan?]
Clan History:
the shein clan has bean around for generations before the war even started. they were some of the mizukages most reliable shinobi with because of their jagon eye. they would take some of they most difficult missions for the mizukage. they showed why when the war broke out and the shein clan were given mission after mission to complete all B-S rank missions. they were very successful as well never failing at a mission. they built a reputation in the mist village as they strongest clan. everyone began to trust the mizukages trust in them. as they were very trust worthy and always completed the mission even if it meant that they had to die in the process.
sometime during the war though a group of enemies came pass the shein clans home. they attacked the clan showing no mercy while they slept a giant battle broke out in the clan head quarters. they killed a lot of the attacking shinobi but they were out number three to one. and eventually gave in and died. all of the clan was killed that night except one baby. that had stayed away with a friend of his mothers because his father had come home hurt very bad. the kid has bean living with them for 5 years and is going to became a shinobi like his clan would have wanted him to. in the hidden village of the leaf were his foster parents moved after the war. not feeling safe in more in the mist.

Skill Information
Specialties: main ninjutsu, genjutsu secondary taijutsu
Elemental Affinity: lighting
Special Characteristics:
-smoking- because of his smoking he is 5% slower then most shinobi of his rank.
-chakra- he was born with a huge chakra supply about 10%.

non elemental jutsu
lighting element jutsu

[Use this template for all styles]
Type: [Taijutsu, Kenjutsu or Weaponry]
Description: What does the style actually do? Why would someone want to use it?]

[Use this template for all equipment and weapons]
Rank: [Genin can only use equipment up to C-rank]
Appearance: [What does the object look like?]
Special Abilities: [Is there something special about the object, like an extremely sharp sword?]
Origin: [How did your character obtain the object?]

[Use this template for all summons]
Appearance: [Describe in detail, a picture helps, too]
Personality: [Is it aggressive, dimwitted etc.]
Species: [or type of object]
Special Abilities: [Is it very smart, can it fly fast etc.]
Elemental Affinity: [Fire, Earth etc.]
Jutsu list:
[Use the standard jutsu form]

[Was his childhood tragic or idyllic, was he bullied in the academy etc. Divide into arcs (Childhood, Genin etc.), 1 paragraph minimum per arc]

RP Sample
[Give a sample of your roleplaying! This will help evaluate if you are good enough for your rank]
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cole shein not finished
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