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 Amano Masanori, NPC, completed.

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PostSubject: Amano Masanori, NPC, completed.   24th August 2010, 11:59

One of three NPC's I will be placing as Feudal Lords over very small countries or just smaller villages.
Name: Amano Masanori
-Nickname: Lord Amano
Gender: Male
Age: 46
Birthday: June 1st

Clan: Masanori
Village: Netsu No Mura (Village of Heat)
Rank: Feudal Lord
Group/Job: Leader of the tiny Village of Heat, located in a corner of the Land of Wind, near the border to the Land of Fire. The village is virtually unknown, and consists of about 50 people.

Amano has grey-brown hair that leads down to a grey-brown beard, about four inches long. His hair is combed back neatly, but still spikes at the end. He wears a silky blue hat that covers the majority of his hair. His skin is average, though it begins to pale as he is aging more quickly than most 46-year-olds. His eyes are icy blue, but usually have a kind look to them.

Amano is noticeably overweight, and attempts to hide it with a leather belt. The rest of his outfit consists of a comfortable, authoritative golden and white robe, with gold-trimmed shoes. The robe has four buttons, and he is almost always wearing this robe. Amano appears to be a cheery man, especially when he is getting his way. On his left earlobe, there is a black triangle shape, which is actually a sealing that he accepted from a missing nin named Masuyo Yuuto.
Amano is a little shorter than average.

Amano has no visible scars, and seems to be a cheery man overall. But he has an authoritative appearance, despite his height and weight.

Amano, as he appears, is a cheerful man who tries to always look at the positive side of things. He also seems to have natural skills in leadership, and is good at calming down the people in hard times.

However, Amano would actually cower if he was faced with a more powerful foe or leader than himself. His confidence he now has comes from a deal he made with the Missing Ninja Masuyo Yuuto, leader of a secret organization.
Masuyo promised him safety as long as he ruled the Heat Village in the way Masuyo told him to, which he has been doing without deviation; if he didn't, he knew Masuyo could kill him with a single hand sign.

Still, Amano keeps his upbeat personality, especially around his young daughter, who's twenty-one now.

Clan Information
Clan name: Masanori
Kekkei Genkai: None
Clan symbol: None, but they now wear the symbol of the Village of Heat, a burning flame, on the left sleeve of their robes.

Clan History: Amano is the head of his small family clan, consisting of him, his brother/brother's family, his wife, and his daughter. Amano was chosen by Masuyo Yuuto to rule the Village of Heat in the place of the other Feudal Lord who was assassinated recently. If Amano dies, his brother will rule the village.

The Masanori clan is a good clan that wishes good things for their people, and they are well liked by most people (except for those who really liked the last Feudal Lord). However, they are wary of outsiders, and they do not LIKE outsiders, especially not from more powerful villages; they refuse to make alliances at this time.

Link: Being an NPC without a kekke or clan abilities, I am guessing that this is not necessary.

Skill Information: This character is not a ninja, and has no real skills. He knows how to use kunai, and that's about it. He has no jutsu.

He has a pet...
Name: Furu
Rank: Pet, no rank
Appearance: Green body, about three inches tall, darker green wings and tail, white chest, peach forehead. Black eyes. Male.
Personality: Like a bird. Generally friendly. Hates cold weather.
Species: Avian, bird, parrot, Love Bird.
Special Abilities: Can mimic human voice.
Elemental Affinity: None

The only thing necessary to know is that he grew up in a noble family, with kind parents and a normal life. He married at twenty-two, had a daughter three years later and has recently become the leader of the tiny village of heat, after the last leader was mysteriously assassinated. The people mostly love him and he has made good changes for the village.
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Amano Masanori, NPC, completed.
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