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 Gariku Hataku

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PostSubject: Gariku Hataku   1st November 2010, 19:02

Name: Gariku Hataku

Clan: None

Alliance: Village Hidden in the Sand

Age: 25

Gender: Male

Looks: Handsome, black hair, six pack, sand jounin vest, black ninja long sleeved shirt, black ninja pants, black ninja shoes, black sand ninja headband, black eyes

Personality: Tough, relentless, loyal to the sand, hard on students, hopes to become the kazekage, racist against the leaf village for his father being killed by a leaf ninja, cautious towards an alliance with other villages, doesnt trust ninja from other villages, totally against war, always willing to defend the sand village.

Rank: Jounin

Weapons: Weapons: Kunai knives, shuriken, steel string, paper bombs, smoke bombs, sand anbu black ops sword, summoning scroll to summon Sasori of the Red Sand's Puppet Collection

Tecniques: Puppet master jutsu, chidori, chidori stream, kirin, substitution jutsu, sand clone jutsu, clone jutsu, transformation jutsu, wind style: dust wind, wind style: rumbeling wind wall, wind style: wind gale, wind style: wind shuriken, wind style: great break through, wind style: cutting whirlwind, wind style: great air cannon, wind style: divine wind, wind style: beast wave strike, wind style: wind cutter, wind style: falling petal dance, wind style: wind return, wind style: infinite sand great break through, wind style: hurricane fist, wind style: great cutting whirlwind, wind style: wind blade, wind style: wind dragon, wind style: spiral sphere, wind style: wind bullets, wind style: bullet blades, wind style: drilling wind bullet, wind style: serial waves, wind style: wind bomb, wind style: spiraling shuriken, wind style: sand storm devistation, summoning scroll summoning jutsu

Bio: Gariku Hataku was born in the sand village medical hospital. His family was middle class and he lived a very good life. His mother was a house wife and his father was a high ranking jounin and a member of the village council. For most of his life he was a very happy joyful boy. Until one day his father and his squad received a mission to steal the hidden leaf's forbidden jutsu scroll. His father and his squad were killed once he received the news he spent the rest of his life hating the leaf. He trained to become a powerful ninja and avenge his fathers death. He mastered the puppet master jutsu faster than Sasori of the red sand and lady chiyo. He soon mastered all 100 puppets of the red sand collection. He also mastered the wind style and learned lightning style. He joined the anbu black ops at age 15 and was made a jounin at age 16 and joined the village council at age 20.

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Gariku Hataku
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