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 Shikari Clan

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PostSubject: Shikari Clan   28th January 2012, 00:43

Clan name: [Shikari Clan] Kekkei Genkai: [The Shikari are a very unique clan, much like others can bend an element they too can bend and element, even learn to produce it, augment it, and ude it in battle for their advantage. They use smoke. The Shikari Shikari also have a very close connection to animals, granting them their special eyes once they reach of age. Their first powers are just bending the smoke, they acheive this at the academy level, and is usually considered thier first Tier of power. Their second Tier of power is reached when they become genin, they then gain the ability to produce smoke and recieve their smokes specialization. Finally at the 3rd Tier of power, reached when the Jounin rank is obtained, they gain the eye of the predator. Tables below to go in detail of the Smoke specializations, use, and Eye of the Predator. Smoke Specializations- Steel Shape- This specialization usually goes to those with very level heades, using intelligence and cunning to outwit opponents. The ability is that with the smoke you have produce you can craft it then transform it into i tight black steel. You can use it to make traps, weapons, or use it to set up cover in battlefields. Flammable Smoke- This specialization usually goes to those who are a little more hot headed than most, using courage and fury to win a fight. This ability allows you to release, along with your normal smoke, a very flammable gas that burns the eyes of your oppenents before lit, and with one spark you can set all the smoke aflame in a an explosion of fire much like a moltov cocktail would. Poison Smoke- This specialization usually go to the med-nin type ninjas due to their work with herbs for making remedies and the like. This ability allows you to release anothe smoke besides the one you already have, this smoke is extremely posionousand after long term exposure they will be paralyzed. The Poison usually takes about 30 min to completley overcome the opponent, but once its in effect they will be paralyzed until theycan retrieve treatment from the hospital. It takes alot of preperation to release the poison smoke though. (more specs will be added to limit use and help protect from god mod) Animal Shape- This specialization can really be claimed by anyone, The Hot headed crafting wolves and ferociuos beasts, the intelligent crafting animals for recon and scouting to help in a plan, and even the small and shy crafting large stalwart defender such as a bear or other large creature. Illusion Crafting- This specialization usually goes to those who are entirely into stealth and genjutsu. The second type of smoke you can release is filled with chakra you emit that enters through their breathing and causes them to see what you want them to see and linking them to your chakra putting them under your trance, large chakra use and can only be maintained for a short time, 5 minutes is pushing the ability to the brink. EYES OF THE PREDATOR: When the Shikari gain their eyes they are permanant. The Clan is Linked very closely with animals, mostly though, they find them selves akin to predators no one knows when the change started to happen exactly but since then most of the secrets have been discovered, whichever predator they are most akin to when the time comes their eyes change into the eyes of that predator, and come with their own unique gifts. Othe facial features change also bringing the user closer to that animal. Snake-Those who receive the eyes of the snake are fall under this catagorey, fast, cunning, intelligent, sneaky and a fierce hunter. They get the ability to see in heat vision or normal vision, their tongue changes into that of a snake, and they grow fangs that are laced with venom. Eagle-Those who receive the Eagle eye are usually the ever vigilant, protective, loyal, and very insightful. They recieve the vision of an eagle, being able to see very large distances away (be realistic its the vision of an eagle you can'tsee a thousand miles away.) Those with this eye are given a glider device that the clan came up with long ago to allow flight like that of an eagle. Panther- Thos you receive the eye of the panther are usually very stealthy, cunning, andvery dexterious. They receive the night vision of the panther and are intune with their catlike reflexes. They also gain medium sized canines. Wolf- Those with the eye of the wolf are usually those who are cunning, work well in teams, courages, and ferocious. They Recieve the ability of the wolfs keen nose and their ears, and their good sight at night. They also recieve large canines along with the other changes. Shark-Those with the eyes of the shark are usually very calm docile people until one thing sends them into a spontanious fury, and are usually socially akward and quiet. When those with the eyes of the shark snap their whole eye blacks completley out, sending them into a blind rage. When they arent enraged their eyes are normal. They also form gills when they come into contact with water, they have the sharks keen smell on earth and in sea. Their last ability is a marvel, the persons teath turn into that of a sharks, only two rows, and the proper size for their mouth, but they are extremely sharp and jagged. Smoke production: by volume. *all of these are cubed volumes per second up to Jounin B-rank, it then becomes per minute. Genin: 3ft Chunin: 8ft Jounin d rank: 20ft Jounin c Rank: 25 ft Jounin B rank: 30 ft Jounin A-rank: 35ft Jounin S-Rank: 40ft Kage: 50ft Special smoke production:by volume and type. *all of these are cubed volumes per second up to Jounin C-rank, it then becomes per minute. Steel Shape Smoke Genin: 2ft Chunin: 5ft Jounin D-rank: 15ft Jounin C-rank: 20ft Jounin B-rank: 23ft Jounin A-rank:25 ft Jounin S-rank:30 ft Kage: 40ft Flammable Smoke- Genin: 1ft Chunin: 2ft Jounin D-rank:10ft Jounin C-rank: 15ft Jounin B-rank:20ft Jounin A-Rank:25 ft Jounin S-rank:30 ft Kage: 50ft Poison Smoke: Genin: 1/2ft Chunin: 1ft Jounin D-rank:2ft Jounin C-rank: 10ft Jounin B-rank:15ft Jounin A-Rank:20ft Jounin S-rank:25 ft Kage: 30ft Animal Shape smoke: Genin: 1 ft Chunin: 3ft Jounin D-rank: 7ft Jounin C-rank: 14ft Jounin B-rank:20ft Jounin A-rank: 25ft Jounin S-Rank: 35 ft Kage: 45ft Illusion crafting: Genin: 1/2ft Chunin:1ft Jounin D-rank:2ft Jounin C-Rank:10ft Jounin B-rank:15ft Jounin A-rank:20ft Jounin S-rank:25ft Kage:30ft ] Clan symbol: [A white Crescent moon on a black circle] Clan History: [ It is no secret that the Shikari contribute alot of ninja to the Anbu Black ops. the Great war took a heavy toll on their numbers but as the animals they are akin to they are pushing on and surviving. During the war itself many of the shikari shinobi were far beyond enemy lines, fighting in the shadows and clouds of smoke and preforming suicidal missions. Although, that is not what brought about the great loss to the clan. No Shikari died on their misson, their success rate in fact was 100%. It wasn't until late one night, while most the clan was asleep, they were attacked, with all the shinobi out fighting the war, hardly anyone was home to defend the weak. They were slaughtered, by the time the others found out, it was too late, the clans population was shrunk down to a measly 25 %. But ever pressing on the Shikari saw the war through to the end, but now it was over, and their focus now was to rebuild and find a new leader, and they will succeed]
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Shikari Clan
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