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 Boushi Clan

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PostSubject: Boushi Clan   18th April 2010, 10:41

Clan name: Boushi Clan
Kekkei Genkai: The bloodline of the Boushi clan, called the infamous Giragira, is a definitely strange ability. It is the opening of the 'eyes' that cover a Boushi member's body that indicate chakra points, but only a certain amount of eyes can be seen out of at once, becoming the "focus eyes". These eyes cannot see chakra, heat, or any other thing besides what an object looks like on the surface. It is also harder to perceive depth unless two eyes are open next to each other. When the Giragira is fully activated at Chunin rank, every eye opens up, but only 5 become focus eyes. The rest just remain open, ready to be fully activated. It takes a bit more chakra to switch the focus eyes. Genjutsu may be activated through these eyes, but only through the five focus eyes. The eyes, seeing as they indicate chakra points on the skin, can allow for the user to focus their chakra to a single point on their body with extreme ease, or release and sustain an extremely finely focused streams of chakra from one chakra point on their body. While in the passive form of Giragira, Academy Students can open 1 extra eye, Genin can open 2 extra eyes, and Chunin can open 3 extra eyes. The eyes along the body are sensitive, so a cut would disable them and the flow of chakra at that point. The eyelids can protect the eyes while closed. The eyes are made of chakra, so if one is injured, it will regenerate as fast as the user's chakra will allow.
Name: Giragira
Rank: D-B
Type: Bloodline Jutsu
Element: Fuuton
Description: This is the kekkei-genkai of the Boushi clan. When activated, every eye on the user's body opens up, but only 5 eyes become focus eyes. This allows for almost 360 degrees of vision. The user can also focus their chakra to any point on their body. This jutsu takes up a very large amount of chakra. The Boushi Clan has two forms of the Giragira: Passive and Full. A certain number of 'extra eyes' can be opened at a certain rank, which is the passive form. The full form is the actual jutsu, which opens EVERY 'eye'. In the passive form, the 'main eyes': the eye everyone has, cannot be shifted, and once the other 'eyes' are opened, it's hard to 'shift' them. While Giragira is being used, the user can 'shift' the 'main eyes' and it is easier to 'shift' the other 'eyes'.

Clan History: This clan came into existance when a child named Chin was born into the Uchiha clan. Chin had an EXTREME birth defect. He had eyes covering his body. After careful examination by a Hyuuga Medical-nin, it was discovered that each eye indicated a chakra point on the skin. Chin's parents kept him, hoping that, besides his numerous eyes, he could still be a normal Uchiha.

Chin trained for years, trying to activate his sharingan, but he was unable to activate it. Over decades, Chin's unnamed clan grew in strength and number. It wasn't until generations later that the clan was deemed Boushi, meaning eye.

After years, the Uchiha clan began to hate the Boushi clan, believing them to be freaks. Because of this, the Uchihas started a genocide, killing off almost all of the Boushi clan. The survivors of the massacre fled to the wind country, where they took refuge in some old ruins left behind by an old clan just outside of the Sand village. Living there, the Boushi clan began to adopt some of the symbols on the walls of the ruins and even created some jutsus to match the elegantly painted portraits of strange powers. After generations at the ruins, some of the clan members decided to return to the Leaf after hearing about the Uchiha massacre, while others chose to stay at the ruins.

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PostSubject: Re: Boushi Clan   18th April 2010, 10:51

Do you have an eye on each chakra point? Because that would mean over a hundred eyes. Can you activate Genjutsu through the eyes?
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PostSubject: Re: Boushi Clan   18th April 2010, 11:15

Editted it so that genjutsu can be used through the eyes, but only the five focus eyes.
And yes, there is an eye for each chakra point.
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Eigo Terumi
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PostSubject: Re: Boushi Clan   18th April 2010, 12:04

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PostSubject: Re: Boushi Clan   

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Boushi Clan
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