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 Kiyoko [Organization Contest] (Approved)

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Kaoru Misora
Konoha Genin

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PostSubject: Kiyoko [Organization Contest] (Approved)   4th May 2010, 08:22

((What I mean by 'open for ideas' is that this is sorta just a basic plan, and if anyone thinks it's a cool start but some things should change, I'd be more than happy to change em.))
Name: Kiyoko (Kiyo: Pure, clean. ko: Child)
-Nickname: Undecided (If you can think of a cool one that'd be great)
Location: Everywhere, the Kiyoko have no loyalty to any village... only to the world.

Goal: To unite the world under one leader/council (set of leaders) by killing every kage/kage prospect, causing as least bloodshed as possible while bringing the nations TOGETHER, not separating them. They basically want world peace. (Little do they know what chaos they may cause, as goes with the storyline)

How to accomplish this? They are planning to assassinate the Kage's of every major village, kill the 'Lords' of every land in a similar fashion, and do it all while blaming it on small villages, so that the nations don't fight each other and instead simply wipe out the smaller, less important villages. In this way, the Kiyoko would avoid another world war but would still get rid of Kages, so the world would no longer fight; all nations would be one, united under one leader, or a council of powerful shinobi. And as for the guardians of the villages, shinobi who are no longer needed? Their job would be to hunt down every missing ninja possible.

Hierarchy: A close knit, small group, the Kiyoko consist of a variety of powerful A-S rank Missing nin, all from separate villages. The social status is fairly close, but they are still organizing themselves, and though the leader has been decided, power fights still occur occasionally. The Kiyoko, as part of their mission, may sometimes try to get orphans/young genin without much loyalty to their kage or village to 'join' them, but they never reveal the true extent of their plans to such children (AKA never tell about their organization), and like the Akatsuki at the beginning of Naruto, they are very careful to keep their tracks covered. These children usually just cause side distractions while Kiyoko does their dirty work. The leader, Masuyo (Masu = benefit. Yo = world. Coincidence?) Yuuto (Yuu = gentleness, superiority. To = Person, or 'to fly'), is a quiet man with a long past. Seldom is anyone allowed to join Kiyoko, and you must be clever and smart to even be considered... the Kiyoko are a very secretive organization, known by virtually no one but themselves.

As for the rank system: Masuyo is the leader. He prefers to be called by his name, not by a fancy title. Masuyo makes the final decisions on everything that happens with Kiyoko, but he takes suggestions and votings from all members.

Below Masuyo are the 'Village Shi (Shi = death)', the Jonin that recently lived in a village but work for Masuyo if he needs a job done in their village, because they know so much about it. These are usually S-rank Jonin who preferred peace and thought that the power-struggle between villages was a ridiculous game; they refused to fight, and so escaped to be missing-nin during the battles. Or, sometimes, they had other reasons for leaving their villages. They bring information to Kiyoko about the Kage of their village: Like when the Kage drinks, eats, sleeps, where/when he goes out of his office/village, how he feels about international relationships and other large nations, what his building looks like, and what his strengths/weaknesses are, as well as who are his close friends. The Village Jonin are above the Other Jonin because of their importance, so no decision is made without their consent.

Below these Jonin could be (If it turns out we have any) the 'Kuro (=black) Shinobi', A-S-rank missing nins who work in closer quarters with Masuyo but have been a missing-nin either all their lives or most of it: they have info about smaller villages usually, and will often be sent to do investigation missions there, or to frame someone for the death of someone else. These Jonin do all of Masuyo's personal/dirty work for him. They don't get very much say in what happens with Kiyoko, but Masuyo looks after them well.

Below them are any apprentices that Masuyo has allowed to join the group under a Missing Nin-Jonin; whether Genin, Chunin, or unranked, they MUST be powerful; no weaklings will be tolerated. No Jonin is allowed to take on an apprentice unless Masuyo approves, and he is very picky; failures often die. Apprentices must be intelligent, strong, and wanting to complete the mission of Kiyoko at any cost their leader defines; they must be driven towards peace, and do not necessarily have to be violent, but must be willing to fight... and kill. Apprentices are not allowed to be wild killers, hyper-active, thoughtless, impulsive, or cowardly. The apprentices are called special names by their masters. This is their ranking from lowest to highest:
1. Akai: Red, symbolizing the blood they had to go through to become an apprentice. This is the lowest rank, and they probably will only see Masuyo once before they rank up. They do the grunt work for their masters.
2. Gakusei: They are now officially a 'student' of their master, and Kiyoko overall. They have been around for a while, and began to see the way things work. They are allowed more freedom, and are more respected, but still quite low in ranking. More mature apprentices start out as 'Gakusei'. Any rank is always to refer to adults on Kiyoko as 'master' or 'Sensei'.
3. Rou: It means 'son', and unless the apprentice is a girl (In which case, she'd be called Ryou), this is their next title. Now the apprentice is learning more advanced techniques from their master, and the student is going on real missions with their master. At this point the student may be called in public by his/her normal name, but Masuyo will still call him 'Rou'. He now has a little say in what missions he does or doesn't do, but still doesn't know everything about the group; he isn't a full-fledged member yet.
4. Now the student is either called by his name or another special title the master decides. The student is worthy to go out and work with their master on all real missions, even S-ranked ones if the master approves, and can also work solo on certain missions. This rank requires the approval of Masuyo, and he will most likely approve, unless the student seems immature: he may test them.

The Kiyoko try to shed as least blood as possible; they are, after all, going for world peace. Their mission is called "Junsui" ( = Purity). They prefer to stay unrecognized, as this could completely jeopardize their mission, and they will kill anyone who discovers them without 'permission'.
As their rules state, they MUST be kind to beggars and orphans: the beggars are their eyes and ears, and are info gatherers for them, and the orphans could be future members. The Kiyoko do not like other missing ninja, and often will kill them; they get in the way of peace.
The Shinobi of the Kiyoko usually work alone or in pairs, because they have to work in separate villages, but they meet once, twice, or even three times a month (More if possible safely) to discuss future plans, and to do missions as a group. They are very deadly, but prefer to keep silent. Peace is, after all, their ultimate goal. They are a small group.
However... they are willing to cause a lot of destruction to accomplish this goal.

History: As you may have guessed, the founder of the Kiyoko was Masuyo Yuuto. Masuyo *Who's profile I will make if this idea wins the contest* was born with a very unique kekke-but he was also born illegally. His parents were not officially married, for they were forbidden by clan rules:
his mother, Maya, was of the Yuuto clan, and was the daughter of the clan leader. Her marriage was arranged the day she was born, but she always longed for freedom and peace of mind.
His father, Sukuzo, on the other hand, was a lowly Fuma from a small village outside Konoha. He was a simple farmer and mercenary, who loved animals and adventure.
He fell in love with Maya one day when he was working as her body guard. To make a long story short, the two got married in secret five months later, and four months after, that, Maya ran away with Sukuzo; was she to live with her clan any longer, she would be discovered, and then killed. Her clan did not stop searching for her until they found her a few years later.
After the birth of Masuyo (Who Maya saw was very powerful with the Yuuto ability), Maya and Sukuzo live in secret for three years, and had one more son named Suyazu.
They were discovered shortly after and killed, by Maya's own father, leader of the Yuuto, but the boys were not killed, for the Yuuto bloodline was strong in them both, and Maya's father saw this as an opportunity for power.
They were raised for five years (Eight years old now), and were both strong, but while Masuyo was quiet and thoughtful, his brother Sukuzo was wild and rebellious; even so, the brothers were very close.
Years down the road, during the beginning of the war, Sukuzo was told to destroy an innocent family's home because it got in the way of the attack the Yuuto clan was going to launch on a rival clan. He was told to kill any resistors. Being bold and just, he refused publicly: furious, his own grandfather, Maya's father, had him killed brutally, in the same way his father had been killed: he was burned, while Masuyo was off on a mission. When Masuyo returned and was told the news by his best friend, he was broken to pieces. He had never thought of any sort of rebellion, never thought a bad though about the clan leader, who had taught him everything he knew. Well, that changed. His friend, seeing the look in Masuyo's eyes, also told him what had really happened to his mother; before this Masuyo had had no idea about his family history. That was when he was twelve.
As the world was torn to pieces with the war beginning, when he was fifteen, Masuyo (ANBU now) saw his friends fall in combat because of useless, pointless bloodshed and feuds that could have been avoided had clan leaders not been so haughty. So, one year later (Jonin), he assassinated his own clan leader, hoping the feuding with his own clan would stop... well, it didn't, but Masuyo saw then what he would need to do to stop all the fighting. It was never discovered that he had assassinated the clan leader, his grandfather. That was the last time he ever took revenge on anyone, for it hurt dearly. And so, Masuyo stole a bunch of scrolls and left, to put it shortly.

Thus hailed the birth of Kiyoko.

Masuyo lived on his own the next few years throughout the war, learning and helping people, killing other missing-nin who challenged him, and plotting out his plan.
Near the break of the war he met up with other Missing Nin who shared a similar wish to his... powerful ones, who even challenged his own abilities at his kekke. And he met up with orphans, children who touched his gentle heart. Destruction and war had killed their parents. So avoidable, it was.
So Masuyo and seven other powerful S-ranked missing nins formed Kiyoko. Not all of them could understand why Masuyo called it Kiyoko, which means 'Pure Child'. But together, the members of Kiyoko hoped to accomplish the ultimate goal; world peace.
Of course not everyone in Kiyoko was motivated for the same reasons Masuyo was; perhaps some just wanted to be on a powerful organization. Some may have just wanted a break from the major war, or from living alone running from their village. Some wanted a chance to assassinate their own Kage, and some just wanted to assassinate any Kage. It didn't matter to Masuyo: as long as they followed the rules and stuck with the plan, he didn't care what their ultimate goals were: I'll kill them in the end if they plan to ruin the peace, anyway.
At the moment, as long as they don't kill 'clients', beggars or orphans, and as long as they don't kill anyone who's death would ruin their plans/raise suspicion, they are allowed to kill whoever they want.

SO Far:
The organization has assassinated some Feudal Lords of some smaller villages, and they themselves have set someone in charge of those villages; thus, they have complete control over some small places, and are very careful to keep that control. Also, they have set up the assassination plans for the Lord of the Land of Fire, and his heirs. This will be their biggest assassination yet, but it won't be hard; not for eight S-ranked missing nins.

Last edited by Midnight on 9th May 2010, 04:43; edited 2 times in total (Reason for editing : Added some history of the group)
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PostSubject: Re: Kiyoko [Organization Contest] (Approved)   5th May 2010, 09:13

This looks pretty good. Just out of curiosity, what would the leader's KKG be?
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Kaoru Misora
Konoha Genin

Posts : 192
Join date : 2010-04-19
Location : Next to a canyon, saying bye to my foot...

PostSubject: Re: Kiyoko [Organization Contest] (Approved)   5th May 2010, 13:09

Heheh... I was going to have him be obsessed with dice, and they are special dice that allow him to use his kekke. His Kekke (He didn't get any of his father's Fuma ability) is to alter the environment, himself, or his opponent, all through chakra and chance: Whatever the dice say. For instance, he could 'roll' the dice to try to poison his opponent; the stronger his kekke, the more of a chance the dice will land on what he wants, and the more dice he can have. Also the more chance that the opponent cannot avoid the attacks. And he has a strong Kekke.

He could also use the dice to try to increase one of his five senses, by rolling a six-sided die; whichever sense it landed on would increase. He would have to roll another die to see how much it increased (1 being not much, 6 being a lot). The senses are ordered:
1. Scent
2. Sight
3. Taste
4. Touch
5. Hearing
6. The sixth sense (Ability to sense others)

But that was just an idea, I'm pretty flexible about it right now.
I'd explain more in a character profile (I.E. how the kekke works), or right here if you wanted me to.

I just wanted something unique for him. Very Happy

Also, I can add more to the history or organize it more, but I was trying to keep it fairly brief. They have a set of rules, to, that they must follow.
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Posts : 286
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PostSubject: Re: Kiyoko [Organization Contest] (Approved)   5th May 2010, 23:43

The clan sounds interesting, but very hard to RP properly. We'll see when you post it.

I won't approve this; I'll just nominate the winner next Sunday. Hold your breath!
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Kaoru Misora
Konoha Genin

Posts : 192
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Location : Next to a canyon, saying bye to my foot...

PostSubject: Re: Kiyoko [Organization Contest] (Approved)   6th May 2010, 06:50

Yes, I'm still working on ways to make it work--the dice thingy, that is. If it doesn't work he'll have a different kekke and just be obsessed w/dice anyway.
But I'll still probably make up the kekke, as I like trying to do that.
Ok, I better stop posting on this topic for a while. :-)
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PostSubject: Re: Kiyoko [Organization Contest] (Approved)   

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Kiyoko [Organization Contest] (Approved)
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