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 Kurayami clan [Completed]

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PostSubject: Kurayami clan [Completed]   9th May 2010, 05:36

Clan name: Kurayami
Kekkei Genkai: "Eye of the Night Demon" (Yarumagan)
About 1/10 of the clan members are born with a special Doujutsu called Yarumagan. In terms of appearance, it makes their eyes bright red. However, in addition, the clan member will be able to see
1. in complete darkness,
2. heat (infra-red vision)
3. and chakra.
Whenever they use these abilities, their red eyes will glow. The abilities require a very small amount of chakra. Even though they can see chakra, they won't be able to see the Tenketsu.
Secret Clan Jutsu:
Clan symbol:
A red crescent moon
Clan History:
The Kurayami clan hails from the Lightning Country. In the middle of a small valley circled by mountains, there exists a small village. The village is almost completely isolated by the mountains, only a small river flows out between them. Few outsiders even know about the village, and most villagers know almost nothing about the outside world. Thick clouds were always covering the village, letting only a little glimpse of light inside, so it was always dark; one could barely know night from day. Heavy rains weren't rare at all, either, but after living their whole lives in the village the people had gotten used to the circumstances. One small clan had done so more than others; they had actually developed a Doujutsu, a Kekkei Genkai, to make their lives easier and gain an advantage compared to the other villagers.

It is told that the founder of the village was an extremely powerful shinobi who wanted to get away from the unpure world. He took his large clan with him and with his Suiton Ninjutsu, propelled the boat upstream and towards the mountains. They found a comfortable, peaceful valley where they built a village and settled to live. All the villagers descended from them. This might of course be just a myth, but to honor their so-called forefather, the villagers have passed on the ninja skills, even though they have never been needed in the isolated valley. They are taught to all children of the village, but nearly none of them ever get to experience real battle.

About fifteen years ago, a member of the Kurayami family wondered if he could find better fishing spots downstream. He took his boat and sailed out of the village. When he returned six months later, he was completely hysteric, in a good way. He told the whole clan about the exciting and wonderful outside world, where there are countless places to explore and things to experience. Soon the whole clan was just as excited as the man, only the clan leader was kind of sceptic. However, due to the clan's will, they all left the village and started spreading around the ninja world, mostly the Lightning, Earth and Fire countries.

Gouki Kenhane ~ Godaime Hokage
"The crimson falcon soars through the clouds, coloring the deep blue sky a bloody red."

Made in Finland. No refunds. Especially for YOU.

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Eigo Terumi
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PostSubject: Re: Kurayami clan [Completed]   9th May 2010, 05:45

Seems good enough, approved.
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Kurayami clan [Completed]
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