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 TEMPORARY WEAPON: Nail-filled Chakra Staff (Complete)

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Kaoru Misora
Konoha Genin

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PostSubject: TEMPORARY WEAPON: Nail-filled Chakra Staff (Complete)   28th July 2010, 11:13

TEMPORARY WEAPON (This weapon, if approved, will be used in the beginning of a scene and passed from Masuyo to Kaimaru. After this it may not be seen for a long time, and all its use will be done by Kaimaru)
Name: Nail-Style: Chakra Staff
Rank: B
Appearance: It appears to be a five-foot (152 cm) long, 4-inch thick metal staff that is partially hollow on the inside. The staff has one sharp end and one smoothly rounded end. It is a dark metallic silver color. In the center the staff has a series of buttons: three in all, one blue, one red, and one golden. The buttons are copper, but painted over. The staff is fairly heavy, as though solid, and if shaken harshly you can hear something clinking around inside it. It is made of steel.
Special Abilities: The chakra staff can, believe it or not, be used to channel chakra through itself and use that chakra in various ways, and is mostly useful when the buttons are clicked. Though normal chakra can be transferred through it, Masuyo has no purpose to doing this except if he was going to use the ability of the Yuuto clan to reverse momentum. However, to do that he would have to spend time learning how to use the staff that way, and he is not interested in doing that. So though he could channel his chakra into it, he doesn't. If he had a chakra-absorption ability he could use the staff to absorb his opponent's chakra, but he doesn't so he doesn't bother with that either.
The buttons on the staff also have special uses. The blue button will open the top of the staff (The sharp end) and spit out five extremely sharp nails straight ahead immediately at a fast pace. If more chakra is channeled into it it will shoot out five more, that can be used by nail-style users to home-in on certain opponents. It is loaded with thirty nails in all. However, those that have not worked nail-style techniques cannot use the homing-in technique (Masuyo included).
The red button will make the staff change chakra into heat energy: in other words, if you channel chakra into it it will heat up. It can get hot enough to singe off skin and burn flesh. If you channel some of your chakra into the staff and then someone else gets a hold of the staff, you can activate the red button from a distance with a hand sign, so that it will heat up in your opponent's hands and burn them. Again, this is only if you know how.
The golden button makes the staff explode (it's rigged to a rolled up paper bomb inside it), and bits and pieces of nails go flying everywhere. This can be very dangerous to the user, if they accidentally click the golden button.

The staff is hard and solid, and can simply be used like a normal staff if one wishes to use it so. It is heavier and thicker than normal, but is well balanced. However, none of the buttons are covered and so could be pressed accidentally if one is not careful.

Origin: Masuyo obtained the Chakra Staff from the leader of a tiny village (Dust Village, in the Earth Kingdom) when he defeated the leader and took over the village. The leader was a nail-style fighter of A-rank, and he used two of these staffs in his battle with Masuyo. However, during the end of the fight, in a desperate attempt to kill Masuyo, he blew up one of the staffs while throwing the other one at Masuyo. Using his clan ability (Yuuto bloodline), Masuyo protected himself from the explosion, but ended up with a nail wedged very deeply into his right foot (after he pulled out the nail, he realized the tip was still in his foot, but that's another story).
Masuyo set one of his 'Feudal Lords' (pples that are completely loyal to him and have the death seal on their ear) as leader of the village and left, taking the second Chakra Staff as a prize. He never tried out any of the buttons, because he hadn't been sure which one had made it explode. He now uses the staff as a walking staff because of his foot, though he could ignore the injury if he chose.
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Konoha Jounin

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PostSubject: Re: TEMPORARY WEAPON: Nail-filled Chakra Staff (Complete)   19th September 2010, 17:03

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TEMPORARY WEAPON: Nail-filled Chakra Staff (Complete)
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